Ok...this came up during a drunken discussion in chat last night....which superhero has the best boobs? There are no boundaries....it could be comic book, anime, or the actress playing the superhero......

I know from the X-Men movies, there are several candidates, include Halle Berry as Storm and Rebecca Romijn as Mystique...But I also like Rogue from the X-Men comic books....any thoughts?

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The best superhero boob is THE TICK!
I think you mean the best superhero's boob is Arthur. The superhero himself being THE TICK!
Hmm In the old days it w3as simple Linda carter as Wonder woman, there were only 2 reasons to watch the show, Linda carter being both of them.......As there was never a script, & good computer driven special effects were not around back then, & Elvira was serious competition she was used to dealing with bad films & B movies.......
Oddly in her movie, she Whipped out a Bazooka, (Army surplus - NOT the Janet Jackson kind which was the joke :^) Shot the vampire, & of course, no effect prompting the if only the Bazooka's were bigger thought, or the how could any male NOT be affected or distracted by Elvira whipping out a Bazooka.........

It took several years for me to Identify the car in the picture as I Kept Getting Distracted!!

These days at present Id have to go with Mikiru from the world of Anime though......

Although some of the Fans seem to have fun at the conventions , it is noteworthy that women carrying Ak-47's should always be approached with caution, and extreme politeness & good manners at all times as Mikiru was time traveler with a WORKING ak-47 that is easily available at the local gun store for costumes........

I'm geting the vague suggestion of a theme...

More as the notion develops.
I concur! The Tick is an awesome boob!

BonzoGal said:
The best superhero boob is THE TICK!
How about Lady Death?

Or for Annihalator James...

I don't know whether to be infuriated, or flattered. She actually looks a little like my mother...

Sir Niuhi-Nose TBE said:
How about Lady Death?

Or for Annihalator James...

Hmm the darker types are ok, but Batgirl was the best character in that dept.
The old live action one was cute & fascinating to me as a kid,

& the newer artwork enhanced her figure & attractiveness quite a bit,

Unfortunately, sometimes further enhancements can go wrong, like when you are attempting to improve memory. On the show that's my Bush, his secretary tried to improve her memory, & ended up with superhero powers & proportions, in addition to George & his friends telling her how much her memory had improved......(the Memory enhancement pills they shipped her spelled it Mammary with obvious results)

BonzoGal said:
The best superhero boob is THE TICK!

Too true in soooo many ways
Though not truly 'super', the Danger Girl comic by J. Scott Campbell was fantastic, Sydney Savage in particular[The Brunette], Abby Chase[The Blond] was the main character.

Linda Carter, Wonder Woman,. Hands Down! 'Nuff said.

Good Selections!
Oddly its rare to find good characters & good casting. Aeon Flux had a pretty good script & acting, but not good enough to get noticed, Ultraviolet suffered from similar problems, & yet not, the actress is almost as ig as Linda carter, but her outfits understated the size & Linda Carters enhanced it for all it was worth as that was pretty much all the show had going for it at the time. It was the sort of show where Linda kept the audience of youngsters glued to the seat, & at the end off the show if anyone asked you about the plot, you would go "There was a plot???"

The Characters were good the plot ok in Aeon Flux & Ultraviolet, yet NOT a big commercial success, as they did not emphasize the talents of an actress like Linda Carter who managed to use her acting talents (Both of them) to keep a FAR worse franchise going for years as a commercial success in spite of bad scripts & poor special effects.


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