Yes it's true.
We are combining the power of video with the fun of game.

Hence: Video Game.

Day of the Tiki

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It will be an instant classic! BUT incorporation of Drinkbot & Robot box along wit the main characters will be essential, a full range of Spy gear for Mr Ambassador I Mz Stella (Large & clunky CCCP stuff), would be great!! Also although Mr Ambasador & Mzz Stella are Great Spy types, they have no counter/spy rivals, as the London Fog-cutter just has not seemed the James Bond type, & Dr Tiki is more the Dr Mc Coy type (Im a Doctor not a spy!) Although Lala COULD be very much the Mata Hari type, if she tried....Half the gaming fun would be the Spy vs spy stuff, & that needs a good counter to Mr Ambassador & Mz Stella, that is a bit more spy like........
I look forward to seeing the game, If it comes with a drinking game version, that is another angle too, as MOST games get better after increased Alcohol levels, even if the Gamers get worse.......
I'm very interested, tell me more, more, more...
I don't know who Secret Lab is, but I like how their jib's cut. Anyone brave enough to make a game about a show about drinking is on my short list for Developer of the Year. What's next, Super Diggnation 64?
Sir, I demand to have your children!
Combining the power of video with the fun of game is a very dangerous an arcane craft.

And our jib is cut from the same fine sail as the SS Tiki - a very fine jib.
to save people you must have Johnny Johnny make up drinks with the right ingredients to "lull" henchmen/big bosses!!
But I want a "Day of the Tiki" game NOWwww!

(said with a Veruca Salt inflection... and a bit of pirate swagger)
I hate video games. Haaaaaate 'em. But I will buy and play this one, by jinkies.

Yes, I have drunk the TBTV Kool-Aid (because it's mixed with rum instead of water).
will it work on my commadore 64?
I plan to drink while I play. No matter how you phrase it, that just sounds sad, so I will have to have friends over to drink and play the game with me. That's better.
I am stoked!! can't wait to play it...
I don't need to play it... I LIVE IT!


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