Wear a shirt damnit! We've got so many great new t-shirt designs that
we can't decide which ones to make. Help us pick. Time to stop being naked.
What would you wear? Take the poll.

Thanks to Melanie for her great designs.
(And today is her birthday too!)

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oh man... I can't choose between these two... I want both!
I rocked the vote.
I like the "Science!" shirt, but then again, I work at a biotech lab. I'd like it even more if the logo were bigger. And there was a test tube crossed with a martini glass. And Dr. Tiki's coat of arms.
My vote be rock-ed.

Can I request that they have the little tikibartv logo on the back like back in the day?
Thanks Mel! (and happy birthday as well!)
Any chance you guys have looked into doing a Tiki Bar TV button up camp shirt (hawaiian shirt)? I can see it now, Charooba all over one style with the logo and another one with the Lala pinup cover. Just a thought.

Regarding these designs, I like the ones with Science (sentimental), Son of Internet (that one made me laugh the most) and buy me a drink (looked the most tiki). I agree with Loki though, it'd be even better if it showed off where it came from more.
OK Loki we can do that.
For the Learnstitute we don't do that because, well, it just doesn't seem like it should have the logo.

Loki said:
My vote be rock-ed.

Can I request that they have the little tikibartv logo on the back like back in the day?
Nice designs.. Bandheight's my favourite, but I'm a fan of obscure refrences nobody gets..
Was thinking of this more after I wrote my comment above . . . any interest in making a shirt based on some of the website designs? This is EXTREMELY rudimentary, but you get what I mean . . .

Something like that on the back and the logo on the front would let us display more of the show. Hope it's not too cheesy/tacky!
The best is defiantly the Bandwith Vs Banheight of course it would have been even funnier had you misspelled height so as to read heith like on the blooper real....the BUY ME A DRINK and SCIENCE are tie and after that the last two...nice work Doc.
To be honest, I'd buy any of them. Like BuBBy, I am a TBTV-merch-whore.

What I really really REALLY want, though, is a TBTV fez.
I really love the "Buy Me A Drink" shirt! All good designs though.

I would like to suggest putting the show logo on the sleeve. Kinda a cool touch.

Also, it would be really cool to have a retro bowling style shirt ... like the Forbidden Island shirts. The Charooba design that is on the lavender polo shirt would look really cool down one side, then you can put the TBTV logo on the center back, nice and big!


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